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Lisa Vivian

I have BPD Depression Anxiety and PTSD. I'm trying really hard with my recovery. Most days I struggle with the internal fight of not wanting to put my feet on this planet, yet I go on.

I did a songwriting course for people with mental illness and it helped immensely to climb back on my horse.

Music is a healer for me a savior a reason to fight and a theme song to stay alive.

I co wrote this song with one of the mentors from Wild @ heart community arts.

I recorded a song with me singing I wrote a song to give myself a voice. I wanted to write a song to show myself that there's life out there still and that I can be comfortable at times with it.

I still struggle with extremes though I'm glad now I have music back in my heart again. t's a bit easier when you have a theme song to get through life.